How Often Should Spray Painting Equipment Be Replaced or Upgraded?

Spray painting services require specialized equipment to ensure a quality finish. The manufacturer may recommend changing or upgrading the equipment after a certain number of hours of painting or after painting a certain number of panels. Jesse Jacobson, needing to replace an old paint booth at one of his body shops, looked for a cabin manufacturer that could provide reliable service and support in a timely manner. Gun washers are also important for spray painting services, as they save time and solvents and, when well maintained, contribute to the success of painting by keeping the spray equipment in optimal condition.

Accessories and couplers used can cause a pressure drop of 5 to 30 psi in the gun, so it is important to check with your paint dealer or a representative of the paint company to make sure you're on the right track. Nowadays, it is common to have a variety of spray guns, each dedicated to a specific step in the painting process: one for etching the primer, another for the primer and the surface, another for the base coat and another for the transparent paint. The Professional Painting Contractor (PPC) magazine is published on behalf of Sherwin-Williams Company for owners and managers of commercial and residential painting companies.

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